temporarily closed

the museum is temporarily closed due to renovation work

Next exhibition: RIPIDO

Opening: Friday, 08.07.2022, 12.00 City Museum Bruneck

Opening hours during the festival days (8.-10.07.): Fri - Sun 10 am-5 pm

Exhibition duration: 09.07. - 03.09.2022

Opening hours: Wed - Fri 10 am-5 pm; Sat 10 am-12 am

The City Museum Bruneck-Brunico is the venue and part of the RIPIDO FESTIVAL during the summer months, alongside the Lumen Museum, the Ragen House, the „Alte Turnhalle-Vecchia Palestra” and the Art Cafè Pinta Bichl. This first edition of the RIPIDO Festival is dedicated to illustration and features Italy's best-known illustrators. Organised by the cultural association IL TELAIO and under the artistic direction of Giulia Neri, Federico Cano Correa and Camilla Mineo, this festival, with its exhibitions, lectures, artists' talks and live drawings, offers the opportunity to immerse in the world of illustration.