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15.07. - 22.10.2017 FingerPointing - Politics, women, art, lifestyle: Caricatures from 150 years

22nd April – 2nd July 2017 MAX WEILER

4th February – 12th March 2017 POWER - CRITIQUE

3rd December 2016 - 29th January 2017 Horst Janssen

29th October - 27th November 2016 Bruno Gironcoli

2nd July - 23trd October 2016 IN SCENE - A look into a very personal affair

29th May - 8th June 2016 Ways to museum DREAMSTREAM

8th May - 24th June 2016 Ways to museum ANTINOMIES OF NOW

26th February - 20th March 2016 NATURE DREAM - Painting drawing

19th December 2015 - 14th February 2016 JOHANN NEPOMUK TINKHAUSER