Permanent exhibition

Gothic Hall
Gothic Hall

The permanent exhibition is dedicated primarily to the Pustertaler late Gothic period and shows some important works from the historic Tinkhauser collection, as well loans and donations. These gems include the "Vault Keystone with bust of an angel" (around 1459) by Michael Pacher, a painting by his colleague Friedrich Pacher and many works by his student Simon von Taisten. Remarkable is the "Sonnenburg" altar, with representations from the life, impact and martyrdom of Saints Cosmas and Damian, which was carved and painted by Simon and Veit von Taisten around 1490. Fascinating are the two panel paintings by the Master of Uttenheim, probably from the parish church of Uttenheim/ Villa Ottone.

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01.Michael Pacher, Vault keystone with bust of an angel, c. 1459, fresco on fired clay 02.Friedrich Pacher, St. Catherine of Alexandria, 2nd half of the 15th century 03.Simon and Veit von Taisten, Sonnenburger altar (holiday side), c. 1490, swiss pine 04.Simon von Taisten, The Annunciation, c. 1500, tempera on wood 06.Master of Uttenheim, SS. Peter and Andrew, SS. Sebastian and Florian, c. 1470 07.Unknown master, Pietà, (permanent loan) 08.Master of the keystones of Kematen, St. Martin, c. 1450-70 09.Unknown master, St. Agnes and St. Margaret, 1496 10.Michael Parth, Christ Taking Leave of his Mother, c. 1520-25
Michael Pacher; Website of Sergio Pesce