WILLY VALIER - Breaklines of the 1960s

Willy Valier, Greeting with glove, 1964, Foto: Alexa Rainer

Exhibition period: 24th October 2020 – 31st January 2021
Opening hours: Tue - Fri 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. & Sat - Sun 10 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Closed on 01.11.2020

The exhibition in the Brunico City Museum pays tribute to the South Tyrolean artist Willy Valier on the occasion of his 100th birthday and shows his work in the socio-political and artistic context of the 1960s.

During this creative period the artist turned to material as an independent medium of expression and later developed a so-called 'figurative style' by combining the 'material' with expressive figurative elements.
Existential questions, animal and fantastic beings, human desires, personal contents and his critical attitude towards society and political events are among his pictorial themes.
The exhibition curated by Eva Gratl and Carl Kraus also sheds light on Willy Valier's artistic environment and includes works by other South Tyrolean contemporaries such as Karl Plattner or Peter Fellin as well as by great international role models such as Alberto Burri or Antoni Tàpies.

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